Guus Hoekman

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Personal projects

2014 Indonesian elections

An interactive choropleth map of the 2014 Indonesian legislative election results

Mobility in the Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands mobility data visualised using NVD3

Train journeys

My train journeys visualised using D3

Find your local football team

Find your local team with this Voronoi diagram of football clubs worldwide

Voting behaviour Dutch elections (Dutch)

Statistics Netherlands voting behaviour data visualised using NVD3


A recreation of Edward Tufte's slopegraph from The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (1983) using D3

Conky configuration tables

Easy to read tables of the conky configuration variables and settings

Contributed to

Informal Settlements Matrix

Demographic, access to sanitation and constraints to upgrade data related to the City of Cape Town's informal settlements in an interactive map visualisation

African Scholarly Publishers

Interactive map giving an overview of African scholarly publishers with details about their publications and online presence