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Frequently asked questions

What is this website?

It's a collection of maps that help you find your local football team.

Can you help me interpret the maps?

What you see on top of the maps are called Voronoi diagrams. Every dot is the location of a team's stadium. The cell around each dot is the area in which no other dot is closer. The dividing lines are the exact halfway point between two stadiums.

Can you add [insert country]?

Sure, but I'm pretty lazy and busy with other things. It would probably be much quicker if you added it! It's super simple. All you need to do is put some data in a spreadsheet. Head on over to the contribute page to find out how.

Why did you make this?

A general interest in football, data visualisations, and Voronoi diagrams.

I'd like to make something similar with different data. Can I?

Absolutely. Everything is open source and available on GitLab. Just keep in mind the MIT license requires attribution, including to Chris Zetter whose code I've used to create this.

I've got another question. Can I get in touch with you?

Sure, but please don't spam me: